Counselling services

'Let Change Begin with Your Choices this Very Moment' - Quote by Bryant Mcgill

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Initial consultation

The Initial Phone Consultation has two parts to it... 

Part 1Free 15 minute Icebreaker where you can see if you'd feel comfortable talking to me. 

There is no obligation to continue

Part 230 minute Therapy Goal Setting Session, where there's a chance to discuss your main issues of concern and consider your desired outcome for therapy (can also be done online)

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Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling sessions take place on the phone using a moblie or landline.  No internet access is required.  

Clients are responsilbe for the cost of the call 

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online Telephone counselling

Online Sessions are accessed using an online call platfrom such as Zoom or Skype. 

You can choose to have the video  enabled on or off (your preference will be discussed prior to the call)

Internet access is required. 


How to Make PAyment

Once we have agreed a session you will receive an invoice with payment details.  I accept payment via BACs (Bank account) or Via PayPal