Working with me

Life is a journey, like a pathway up a giant hill. Some days you stand on the top of the hill, feeling the sun on your face. Energised, connected, strong, confident, resilient, happy. On the top of the hill you feel like you can do anything and cope with everything. It feels great to be up there.

But you can’t always stay on the top of the hill.

Things happen; relationships, stress, worry, sleepless nights, problems at work, kids and without you even noticing, those things all pile up and you start to slip down the hill.

Those negative feelings start to build up. You don’t feel good enough, you’re bored, unhappy, lonely, snappy, angry, overwhelmed.

You want to speak to someone, but you don’t know how to explain how you feel. Maybe you’re surrounded by people, but maybe you feel totally alone and isolated from anyone who would understand.

You don’t feel like you, but you don’t know who you are any more or how you’re supposed to feel.

You feel off, lost, confused, exhausted, your thoughts are spiralling.

The more you notice these feelings, the more these feelings start to grow. The more they grow, the further down that slope you slip and the harder it is to know how to get up again.

Your mood grows darker and those feelings of sadness, unhappiness or that sense that something’s not right become larger and leave you wondering how you change things.

You want to feel confident again, connected with those around you, happy in your own skin, feel strong and resilient and about to enjoy every minute of your life, but how. You’re not sure where to go, but you just want someone you can offload all your thoughts and feelings to so that you can get some clarity & perspective. 

'Vicky offered telephone counselling which suited me as I could find a quiet time and space within my own home'

Louise G

The good news is, you’re in the right place

I’m Vicky and I’m a Telephone Counsellor. I set up my business to help people, just like you, feel better. People who want an independent ear to listen to them. Someone that is there, on the end of the phone to help and support them. People who haven’t got time or don’t want to sit in a therapist’s office for an hour. 

Telephone counselling has so many benefits. You might not want to speak to someone face to face, you might have small children to look after or struggle for child-care. You might not want to travel to appointments or want something that fits into your day easily. Giving yourself the gift of time is the ultimate act of self-care and everyone has a phone so you’re ready to get started straight away.

'Vicky was excellent in the phone consultations! She picked up the mood that was right for the session, often light hearted. Also, I found her to be very much in tune with popular spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle. Highly recommended!'


In the current climate, you might think that you have to wait to feel better, but this way you can get help now and not have to worry about the spread of the Coronavirus.

I’m here to help you offload your problems, talk through your feelings, understand what’s making you feel the way you do and find solutions, all over the phone. You can choose counselling that will work for you – how often and how long you’d like to speak for – so that you feel lighter, happier and more able to climb back up to that place where you feel the sun on your face and can enjoy all those other positive emotions that happen when you let go of some of the things that have you been pulling you down.

So, where do we go from here? You need to decide that you’re ready to start making some changes and that I’m the person to help you. When you’re ready, let me know and we can arrange a time to talk. I will explain how it all works and what you can expect and we can get your first telephone session in the diary, knowing that it works for you and is the start of you changing how you feel.

I can’t wait to connect with you and get started on helping you feel happy again.

To get started click this link and let me know you’re ready to chat.