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FURTHER INFO on the process, Confidentiality, Anonymity and Professional conduct...

Please note: Once you've booked an appoitment I will send you an email with a confirmation of your appointment which will include my contact details.  IT IS ALWAYS THE CLIENT WHO MAKES THE CALL (if by phone) at the agreed time.  The reason for this is to allow the client to feel in control of the process.  Therapy should always be self-directed not imposed and therefore if the Client changes their mind about talking to a Counsellor for whatever reason, it is their right to do so.  A ringing phone in this instant might feel intimidating and, in some cases might put the client at risk of harm or put them in a vulnerable situation.  Another reason the call preference is set this way is to give Clients control over their privacy, and to help prevent being over-heard or interrupted unnecessarily, of which the Client has more control over from their environment.  Ensuring the Client is willing and ready for the call sets the tone for successful therapy.

I follow the BACP Ethical Framework for Counselling Professionals 2018.  You too, can see this framework by clicking the link or by going to the bacp website.  A part of the new 2018 ethical framework for professionals includes an easy to read and understand resource for clients, read about Our Commitment to Clients here. 

I follow the GDPR guidelines for the processing and storing of personal data.  My privacy policy explains the way I process and store Clients information, so please click the link and give it a read.  If you have any queries about my privacy policy or anything else relating to Telvicky Telephone Counselling then please feel free to ask or drop me a line to [email protected]   

I take Confidentiality seriously and I want you have a positive experience working in with me, so if you need me to be aware of privacy issues in regards to how or when I communicate with you, then please do make me aware so that I can work with you, in order to maintain your confidentiality. 

Clients also need to take responsibility to prevent any issues that may affect their own confidentiality, in regards to communication, messages and notifications on mobile and handheld devices especially, as well as telephone calls that can be identified on telephone bills.  I cannot be held responsible for a breach of confidentiality if a third party unintentionally/intentionally read any information or data intended for the client. 

Please also be aware that, although I will do my best to protect your privacy, absolute security in the digital world does not exist

If you'd prefer to send a text message to my dedicated business mobile 07397 072516 that is fine, but please be aware my business mobile is locked away when I'm away from my office desk, so please allow time for me to respond, which will usually be within 24hours.  I also remove any data that could be used to identify my clients, so please ensure you leave a contact name even if you have contacted me this way on a previous occasion.  I look forward to connecting with you. 

Social media policy: If you'd like to connect with me by social media, please be aware I do not follow clients or add them as friends to my personal facebook profile, this is for ethical reaons & boundaries which help to respect your privacy.  You are welcome to view my social media links and follow me as these social media links are connected to my business rather than personal SM accounts. Protect your online safetly and take care of yourself too. Kind wishes, Vicky x



Telvicky is not a helpline and cannot help you 24/7 or during a mental health crisis. 

Therapy works best when you able to be reflective.  If you are in need of immediate support in a crisis please visit my helpline page.

Issues I do not work with include:  Sexual Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse/Trauma, Psycho Sexual Issues for Men, Rape Crisis, Mental Health Crisis.