About How I Work & what you can expect

Welcome, my name is Victoria Day, but you can call me Vicky.  I am a Private Counsellor listed on the BACP National Register.  I specialise in Telephone Counselling meaning the majority of my work is done remotely so I can work with people from all over the UK and some parts of Europe too.  I do however offer in-person Counselling too for those who prefer to do so and are local to me.  My beliefs values and the way I work remain the same whatever the chosen method.   

As a woman / mum who has been through many of lifes transitions and who has found Counselling not only to be particualrily supportive during such times, but truely life changing.  Through my journey of personal development I have been able to acknowledge my limiting beliefs and discover my authentic self, improving my life, my relationships and general health and wellbeing. I don't say this to boast, I say this to encourage, support and inspire those who may feel lost, stuck, confused or just generally not living life to their full potential.  If this resonates with you, I've been there so I'd really love to support you wherever you are on lifes roller coaster. 

As a Humanistic Counsellor, I aim to help my clients develop a stonger healthier sense of self whatever they bring to therapy. 

Through personal experience I have a special interest in helping women of difficult relationships (narcisstic & co-dependent) speak their truth, discover their inner strenghth & develop healthy boundaries.  

What to expect when we first connect

We start with an intial consultation by phone, where you can ask me anything you like in regards to therapy.  I will run through what you can expect from the call first.  Then, I'll ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself and what brings you to therapy.  It's not an actual therapy session,  but the purpose of the call is for me to understand your needs, preferences, motivation level and desired outcomes for therapy.

 If I feel I can help you and we decide that working together is going to be of value to you, we can arrange a date for our next session. I'll send you an email after the call with our arrangments. 

Note: If for whatever reason we agree that we are not a good fit, then I will try to offer you a referral or alternative helpline or resource.  

What to expect from our Therapy Sessions - by phone or in-person

At the start of each session, we begin with a light hearted check in establishing the mood and readyness for the session ahead and if by phone our setting & privacy levels. 

I then like to ask 'what would you like from the session today?'.  Sometimes my Clients just need to talk but more importantly to feel heard.  Other times Clients wish work on something collaboratively with me, like how to cope with or manage a situation. 

During our sessions we’ll engage with each other in an enlightening one-to-one conversation manifested by curiosity, respect and understanding.  The relationship between Client and Counsellor is key, as it helps the Client to feel safe enough to reveal something about themselves.  This is really the core of therapy.  I listen actively and draw upon a number of psychological therories to support those with whom I work..  Through reflective work and therapeutic insight you will gain awareness which will help you move from confusion to clarity and from pain to peace.  

Easily Accessible Counselling

I believe it is very important that idividuals receive easily accessible Counselling whatever life throws at them especially when mental health struggles or invisible illness have you in their grip often making it harder to fuction and access Counselling in the community.  The other issue is the waiting lists.  Private Telephone Counselling can really help to make therapy quick and easy to access during these hard times.

Although individual relationship Counselling for women is my area of interest,  I can help with various forms of anxiety and depression with an approach called Brief Solution Focused Therapy.

Whatever your issue or concern, I am here to support your unique journey, providing a safe and supportive space, to inspire growth, healing and transformation. 

I offer half-hour sessions by phone (as well as the clinical hour) and these can be valuable especially at certians times in life, maybe you are a new mum or a busy mum and you don't get much time to yourself, so checking in once a week or even daily for half n hour can be just the support you need to get you back on track.

See how the block bookings for Telephone Counselling reduce the cost per session

The intial phone consultion is for both telephone or in-person Counselling - learn more

Qualifications, Training and Experience

  • ABC Level 2 in Counselling Concepts – 2009
  • Mental Health training course with Mind – 2010
  • ABC level 3 in Counselling Skills - 2011
  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling– 2012 -2015
  • Placement Counsellor – DCCP – 153 client hours 2013-2015
  • MBAP – registered Counsellor – 2015
  • Elements Therapeutic Energy – ETE - 2016
  • *Telephone Counselling Training - 2016
  • TA 101 – Transactional Analysis - 2016
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy – 2017


  • DBS certificate - 2017
  • Volunteer Counsellor – Centre Peace – 2017-2018
  • Introduction to Mental Health Certificate – 2018
  • Solution Focused Therapy – 2018
  • Power of the Mind in Health and Healing -2018
  • Intro to neuroscience – 2018
  • Intro to Life Coaching - 2018
  • Transform your life with NLP -2018
  • Acupressure – Miracle points - 2018
  • Natural Therapies for Depression and Anxiety - 2018
  • The EU – GDPR – An introduction online course – 2018

Contact Vicky - You can send an email to [email protected] or you can use this link to Contact me.  Or send me a text message on 07397 072516