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Making therapy easy when life feels hard

tel:vicky specialises in telephone Counselling

Offering a friendly, supportive and easy to access Counselling service for individuals 18+ 

Whatever your personal, work, family or romantic relationship issue you can Tel:Vicky from the comfort of home or wherever you are, making therapy easy when life feels hard!


  • Stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Angry, upset or misunderstood?


  • Struggling with communication or lack of intimacy?
  • Dealing with the pain of heartbreak loss or separation?


  • Have lost your motivation, your drive or your spark?

and would like to talk to someone independent from those you know?  Well then...Tel:Vicky!

Hi, I'm Vicky (that's me with the headset) I'm a UK registered Counsellor in private practice who specialises in Telephone Counselling, making therapy easy when life feels hard!

Whether you are dealing with something unbearably difficult, or just wanting to dedicate some time and energy to exploring and understanding your thoughts and feelings, I am happy to support your unique journey 😊


In the short intro video (above), I mention a booking link; unfortunatley I no-longer have this feature available on my website.  Bookings can be arranged by contacting me via the contact form within this website.  


Counselling with Vicky

Telephone Counselling

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Vicky was so lovely! She was so supportive & validating she helped me understand some issues in my life which made it easier to heal from. Vicky never made me feel like an issue was irrelevant no matter how small it was. She was very insightful and also offered practical help with some issues but not in an imposing way. Excited to work with her again. 


I originally came to Vicky looking for just a couple of sessions, but found our time so empowering I stayed on for six months. Therapy on the phone was a life saver during lockdown and I’m finishing feeling so much less anxious than I started. 


Despite being in my mid - 70's, I have never before needed therapy but any doubts or anxieties I had initially were very soon dispelled.  Vicky Day was superb from start to finish.  I found her unfailingly empathic, supportive and always able to convey a genuine sense of warmth and understanding.  She is a careful listener, explains complex ideas with exceptional clarity and following gentle exploration, suggests useful and practical ideas for healing.  I always emerged from my conversations with her very much calmer and with a deeper understanding.  Vicky played a key role in my recovery and I will always be grateful to her. 


Three Ways to contact

 1. Call by pressing the Tel:Vicky button above 

2 . Text by pressing the Text:Vicky button above

3. Email by using the contact form on the website or direct to [email protected]