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Could Telephone Counselling be the Answer?

Telephone Counselling can be ideal for those who haveā€¦

  • Limited time, maybe with work or business or maybe Caring for a loved one, a Parent or a new Mum
  • Mobility issues
  • Location, transport or commuting issues
  • Mental health issues, which might make it hard for any number of reasons
  • An illness; and or on sick leave
  • A disability or physical condition

Or for those who feel;

  • Anxious about face to face Counselling and or social situations
  • Depressed making it difficult for various reasons
  • Embarrassed or ashamed, and would prefer if Counselling felt more anonymous

and for those in 

  • Controlling relationships who'd like to speak to someone confidentially 

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What is telephone Counselling?

Telephone Counselling: is a service whereby a Counsellor works with a Client, remotely, to explore personal situations, issues or concerns, often with the intention of finding solutions for a happier fuller life.

Telephone Counselling traditionally took place on the telephone however, advancements in telecommunications means that there are a variety of devices, apps and platforms are now available to deliver a variety of talk-therapy making it even easier than ever before to connect to a therapist remotely.

Telephone Counselling may be referred to as remote Counsellng, online or video call counselling, infact the list goes on however the umberella term is 'Telehealth' which includes any healthcare therapy delivered by telecommunications of any sort.  

Telephone Counselling is suitable* for a variety of people and situations and makes accessing therapy simple and easy (and in the light of the recent Pandemic a great alternative to in person face to face Counselling).

Telephone Counselling opens up a world of possibilities and makes accessing therapy simple and easy!  Some people however fear that with Telephone Counselling the theraputic relationship may be affected and be less efective if not sat in the same room as their Counsellor.

In my experience as a Teletherapist (working remotely with Clients by phone or onlinel)  Clients who are able to be in their chosen environment, like from home tend to feel more comfortable, as it can reduce fear, anxiety and even stress that may have been caused by getting to and from sessions or  meeting face to face with a therapist for the first time.  

Clients who experience Telephone Counselling in contrast to face to face or video call Counselling tend to experience a sense of relief anonymity.  They feel less vunerable and exposed and therefore relaxed and safe enough to open up.  Perhaps not having to fear the facial expressions or persevied judgedments of another may have something to do with it.  Freedom of expression is exactly what is needed to explore feelings to begin to understand their meaning and inturn become more self aware.  Awareness is key and this is what makes the therapeutic process very effective and often at a faster rate than in conventional face to face therapy.

 Remote Counselling has many benefits be it by phone or online however the bonus about Therapy by phone (landling or mobile) means there is no need for any fancy equipment, amazing internet speed or adequate lighting and of course the worry about feeling 'camera ready' is eliminated, Phew!

Remote Counselling has many benefits, not only for those who may find it difficult to attend regular Counselling in the community for whatever reason but also for those who don't wish to put their life on hold for longer than necessary. 

Therapy usually lasts for about an hour, but if you include travel time and parking etc that would have to happen in traditional counselling then it can take up as much as half a day, valuable time right!? and let’s face it, we're all pretty time poor these days right?! 

Luckily with remote therapy (phone or online) once the therapeutic hour is up, you're done and you can back to whatever it is you need to do without wasting time in traffic, or without putting your health at risk.


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Telvicky is not a helpline and cannot help you 24/7 or during a mental health crisis. 

Therapy works best when you able to be reflective.  If you are in need of immediate support in a crisis please visit my helpline page.

Issues I do not work with include: Mental health Crisis, Sexual Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse/Trauma, Psycho Sexual Issues for Men, Rape Crisis.