when therapy calls...Telvicky

Whatever your personal, family or relationship issue you can Tel:Vicky 

Are you feeling?

  • Stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed
  • Angry, upset or misunderstood
  • Isolated or lonely
  • Guilty or ashamed

Or maybe you are struggling with ...

  • Relationship or family issues
  • Communication
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Parenting concerns 
  • A life transition 

Or perhaps you are considering...

  • Leaving an unhealthy relationship
  • Going no contact

Whatever you are struggling with, you know you can't go on like this!  You've had enough! Right!?

And that's why you are here, looking for a therapist that suits your needs.

Hi my name is Vicky, I'm a Private Counsellor and I offer easily accessible Counselling delivered in two ways;

  1. Telephone Counselling – therapy for women, anywhere in the UK & Europe 
  2. In-Person Counselling - Locally in Paignton 

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