'I help women explore their life, love and relationships through talk therapy, so they can move towards a happier fuller life' 

Perhaps something is bothering you, maybe lots of things are bothering you, maybe you feel stressed out, worried, emotional, overwhelmed, underwhelmed unloved, lonely or forgotten about? 

Whatever it is, you know something isn't right, you want to talk it through, you want to try to work out solutions but you just don't have time for traditional therapy then I might just have the perfect solution for you - Telephone Counselling.

Contrary to popular belief you don't have to see your therapist for therapy to be effective!  Just being able to offload your thoughts and feelings, to an empathic, skilled listener (that’s me by the way) can be a real help.

With Telephone Counselling there is no need to worry about transport, parking or the time it takes getting to and from sessions.  There’s no need to organise child care, or time out of your business, you can stay right where you are and as you are, stay in your dressing gown too if that’s how you feel.  Safe warm and cosy in familiar surroundings. 

If you have half n hour or an hour free once a week, that's all you'll need to get some headspace and clarity over your thoughts and feelings. 


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