when therapy calls tel:vicky

Making therapy easy when life feels hard

tel:vicky specialises in telephone Counselling

Offering a friendly, supportive and easy to access Counselling service for individuals 18+ 

Whatever your issue you can Tel:Vicky from the comfort of home or wherever you are, making therapy easy when life feels hard!


  • Stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Angry, upset or misunderstood?


  • Struggling with communication or lack of intimacy?
  • Dealing with the pain of heartbreak loss or separation?


  • Have lost your motivation, your drive or your spark?

and would like to talk to someone independent from those you know?  Well then...Tel:Vicky!

Hi, I'm Vicky (that's me with the headset) I'm a UK registered Counsellor in private practice who specialises in Telephone Counselling, making therapy easy when life feels hard!

Whether you are dealing with something unbearably difficult, or just wanting to dedicate some time and energy to exploring and understanding your thoughts and feelings, I am happy to support your unique journey 😊


In the short intro video (above), I mention a booking link; Bookings can made via the Harley widget on the reviews page by clicking the booking button or a free initial consultation can be arranged by messaging me directly via the contact form within this website.  Click below to send me a message.  


Counselling with Vicky

Telephone Counselling

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4 Ways to connect & book

 1. Call by pressing the [Tel: Vicky] button above (top of page)

2 .Text by pressing the [Text: Vicky] button above (top of page) 

3. Email by using the contact form on the website or direct to [email protected] 

4. By clicking on the booking link that connects to the Harley Therapy Platform on my Reviews page

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