Reasons for Counselling?

People turn to Counselling for a whole variety of reasons but often it's about change in our life, love and relationships.  When change is approaching, we may overthink or feel anxious about the future.  If a change in our life has happened and it's sudden or dramatic, it can put things into a different perspective.  When things seem uncertain, be it our feelings or a life situation, we may need time and space to reflect and talk things over with someone.  Talking about how we feel can really help although talking to friends and family or those we know might feel difficult at times, or we may feel that we are being a burden that's when going to see someone who is a qualified counsellor can really help.  

People come to counselling to reflect on different areas of their lives:

  • Personal life
  • Relationship/s
  • Lifestyle
  • Job/Career
  • Health 
  • Identity

Take a look at the descriptions below and see if anything similar resonates with you...

PERSONAL:  An epiphany that can result in a change of attitude, a kind of waking up, a time for looking inward, a time for self-reflection.  On the contrary, feeling overwhelmed, sick or stuck.  These feelings may be inviting us to make personal adjustments to the way we view ourselves. 

RELATIONSHIP/S:  A Breakdown, a break up, a new romance or partnership.  A new baby, new family.  A loss resulting from a break up of some kind.  The death of a loved one or friend.  Going 'no-contact' with a family member or an ex. These are often situations filled with thoughts and emotions.

HEALTH:  When health issues become a concern for one reason or another it can push us to make changes we might not have had to consider before. 

LIFESTYLE, SOCIAL & COMMUNITY:  Moving home, moving to a different area.  Kids changing schools.  Leaving friends or family or vice versa.  Caring for an elderly family member.  Changing how we live or where we live whether we need to or want to, can be very stressful!  We might feel isolated or disconnected from our 'normal' life.  Changes like these might mean we're holding onto a lot, which can impact our communication with loved ones and affect our health and wellbeing.  It's important that we process these thoughts and feelings in a safe way.  Talk therapy can really help in these times.  

IDENTITY:  Going from married to divorced, or from single to being in a relationship. Becoming a parent.  Your child or children have left home or are planning to soon.  Going through what's known as 'the change' or menopause.  Recovering from an addiction and coping with a change in identity.  A change of sexual identity - coming out as gay, bi, trans or poly.  All of these situations can affect our identity.  Identity not only affects how others see us but how we see ourselves.  Reflecting on any of these identity changes and talking about them in a non-judgemental space, can really help to confirm our new or upcoming identity and how we deal with those challenges.  

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JOB/CAREER:  A change in career, or job role, or a desire to change.  Setting up as self-employed and starting our own business, or a desire to do so.  Sometimes we give it a lot of thought and other times not enough.  How we prepare ourselves for these impending changes or how we deal with them once we are there, can make all the difference.  Financially we may have a lot riding on these kind changes.  It may affect our power levels, or stress levels and in turn these issues may affect our mental or physical health and or, our home or family life.  

Whatever the situation is, if it's effecting your life in some way, talking to a Counsellor can help you put things into perspective, and help you find a way forward.  Send me a message on my contact page to arrange a chat (initial consultation) and see if Telephone Counselling could help you.